Beyond COVID-19

We want to go beyond the limit of a small and traditional Social Welfare and Development Agency (SWDA) by improving our programs and creating innovative ways to reach out to the children at risk, as well as their families and communities. #BeyondLimits #beyondCOVID19

Beyond COVID-19 Updates

You’re Invited!

2020's December is one for the books. It's the pandemic year where lots of Filipinos lost their jobs because businesses collapsed under the weight of COVID-19 effects on the economy. There's also the series of typhoons that entered the country, further humbling the nation because of lost homes, property damages, and mere hopelessness.

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What's Your WOTY for 2020?

What is WOTY? It's the word of the year (for the uninitiated), sometimes capitalized as "Word of the Year" and, yes, abbreviated as WOTY. It points to various evaluations of the most important words or expressions in the public realm during that one whole year.

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What's Good About 2020?

Yes, that's the question. Let's face it: getting over the first quarter of 2020 was as dreadful as finishing your dental appointment. It was painful and full of foreboding about the next turn of events. And as we have it, the situation became a full-blown pandemic.

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The Surprising Health Benefits of Donating

One of the recommended ways to boost mental health is to give to the less fortunate. Yes, you heard it right. This sounds like great news as people suffer from mental health issues caused by the pandemic.

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Volunteering is Good for the Soul

Helping out and volunteering can help us win friends, gain a different set of skills, push forward our careers, and greatly improve our mental health.

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3 Reasons Why Good Nutrition Can Help Keep COVID-19 and Other Diseases at Bay

With all the tragedies happening globally, one thing remains clear: the virus and our diet are interconnected. The quarantine imposed on different parts of the Philippines has taken its toll as the stress of cabin fever starts to set in. This and the dwindling finances brought about by unemployment or the “no-work, no-pay” policy. For a lot of people, they sought comfort from instant noodles, canned goods, and other more affordable goods. These can help alleviate hunger but will put people at greater risk by compromising the immune system. What should weigh more, money or health? Why is better nutrition part of the answer in this pandemic?

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How to Tell Kids About COVID-19

Hearing about the coronavirus set fear into the hearts of millions of people. Then it became a pandemic and everyone went into panic mode. Food, household needs, disinfectants, rice, and everything needed for lockdown living flew off the shelves. People did everything they could think of, under the circumstances, to make sure that members of the family will survive through quarantine.

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Without Fireworks

This COVID-19 pandemic has created a trial by fire, a test, and a race to save lives. Many, including SPECS Foundation Inc. and its partners in the altruistic community, acted swiftly to help vulnerable families in crisis. Canceled flights, restricted movement, and closed borders are making things onerous for us to reach the communities most in need. We launched the Puso Initiative with its 3-prong approach: Puso Market, Puso Vendor, and Puso Kitchen, albeit with challenges. All the more, this made us determined to find the fix and networks needed to quickly adjust so that our COVID-19 response efforts are maintained, and our initiatives are scaled up.

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Full Stomach, Happy Heart

The opening of the new school year in the Philippines has been delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Most Filipino children have been staying home, on an extended vacation, for almost half a year now. What have they learned? Their ABCs perhaps? We can be sure that they’ve acquired new vocabulary like “quarantine”, “pandemic”, surgical mask”, “relief goods”, or maybe “COVID – 19”.

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Puso Vendor

The Philippines is at a standstill. While trying to count the cost of this pandemic, the impoverished are going hungry. In its nascent stage, a cough is not just a cough. But several months into this global crisis, an empty stomach is not just hunger: it has now become fear for the future.

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About Specs Foundation

Our team is composed of highly skilled Social Workers, Pastors, Care Workers and efficient Administrators. We all come together to ensure that the children, families and communities under our programs are given the best support and care possible.

SPECS was started in 1986 by a group of Christian workers who saw the hunger, and risks the children were exposed to. They undertook the management and delivery of the different services and care for the poor families in the various communities in Pasay City.​ In 1987, it was registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission as a non-profit, non-stock, non-government organization. In 2002, SPECS built a home for boys and girls in Pasay City.

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