3 Reasons Why Good Nutrition Can Help Keep COVID-19 and Other Diseases at Bay

3 Reasons Why Good Nutrition Can Help Keep COVID-19 and Other Diseases at Bay


With all the tragedies happening globally, one thing remains clear: the virus and our diet are interconnected. The quarantine imposed on different parts of the Philippines has taken its toll as the stress of cabin fever starts to set in. This and the dwindling finances brought about by unemployment or the “no-work, no-pay” policy. For a lot of people, they sought comfort from instant noodles, canned goods, and other more affordable goods. These can help alleviate hunger but will put people at greater risk by compromising the immune system. What should weigh more, money or health? Why is better nutrition part of the answer in this pandemic?

Good nutrition ensures a healthy immune system

As health officials always said, a good immune system will always be the best defense versus any kind of infection, even the coronavirus. A good kind of nutrition works best with the right kind of medicine, so healing is quicker because of that synergy.

The right kind of nutrients prepares the body for any infection

Dieticians will always advise patients to get their vitamins and minerals from natural sources like vegetables and meat, or supplements. This prepares the body from any viral or bacterial attack. Even with the COVID-19, the body only has to battle the coronavirus, thus, preventing further medical complications.

Think of it as a preventive tool

Proper nutrition acts like a shield, a health shield. Imagine a recovering patient with immunity lowered by a bacterial or viral attack, if one already had a good and nutritious diet sometime before, recuperation will probably be swift and with fewer complications.

Nutrition Versus Money

Vegetables and meat are the easiest sources of vitamins and minerals. But expensive. Here’s where the #PUSOvendor program comes in. The Puso Vendor program is an initiative of SPECS Foundation. It aims to meld good nutrition and value together. With Puso Vendor, vegetables are being sold in impoverished communities at low prices. This with the hope that people from the most vulnerable parts of society will have better nutrition, one family at a time.

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