Cerebral Gym Exercises, Anyone?

Cerebral Gym Exercises, Anyone?


Much like physical exercises and gym training, cerebral exercises train the brain muscles and strengthens them. Brain-training tasks stimulate brain activity and require basic tasks and actions to be performed. With constant training, one can notice improvements in memory, coordination, concentration, attitude, and overall relationships.

What Kids Can Get Out of It

More and more schools, institutions, homes, and even offices recognize the importance of brain-stimulating activities. Adults can attest to how the said exercises helped them. But what about the kids? With simple brain games or even just puzzles, with constant training, positive outcomes can be expected.

3 Benefits of Brain Exercises for Kids

1. Children become sharper and smarter
With constant training, kids get used to solving problems using patterns or without patterns. With this, when given a problem, they’ve already found a new way to the right resolution.

2. Boosts the kid’s self-esteem and confidence
With little triumphs from brainy board games, kids find their confidence and self-esteem restored.

3. Enhances their communication skills
Playing board games and other brainy games teach the children how to “talk it out” with playmates. Sometimes, they also use the art of making deals.

SPECS Kids are S.M.A.R.T.

One of the things that the kids of SPECS Foundation can be proud of is that they’re intelligent. And for some kids, subtle but helpful effects of brain training can be observed. Whether their brain games happen regularly or not, they’re a little more confident. And, If the benefit is subtle, well, so be it.

About Specs Foundation

Our team is composed of highly skilled Social Workers, Pastors, Care Workers and efficient Administrators. We all come together to ensure that the children, families and communities under our programs are given the best support and care possible.

SPECS was started in 1986 by a group of Christian workers who saw the hunger, and risks the children were exposed to. They undertook the management and delivery of the different services and care for the poor families in the various communities in Pasay City.​ In 1987, it was registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission as a non-profit, non-stock, non-government organization. In 2002, SPECS built a home for boys and girls in Pasay City.

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