How to Tell Kids About COVID-19

How to Tell Kids About COVID-19


Hearing about the coronavirus set fear into the hearts of millions of people. Then it became a pandemic and everyone went into panic mode. Food, household needs, disinfectants, rice, and everything needed for lockdown living flew off the shelves. People did everything they could think of, under the circumstances, to make sure that members of the family will survive through quarantine.


Talking to other people about COVID-19 helped and proved good for mental health. But what about the kids who only saw their parents hurrying about and panicking? A lot of parents explained the situation the best they can, but most don’t know how to answer questions. They’d like to share everything they know with their children but not without scaring them. For some parents, they just chose not to say anything.

How to Comfort the Kids

To tell the kids about the pandemic, approach everything depending on their age and what they know. If they’re very young, you may choose to tell them all the nitty-gritty of the situation or not. What’s important is they’ve been taught how to wash hands properly, to always wear a face mask, and to keep their distance from other people.

What if the children ask questions about the situation? A piece of advice from WHO discusses letting the kids ask questions and answering them accordingly. Have an open discussion and don’t minimize their fears. In short, let’s be honest but choose our words carefully to ensure that we don’t add unnecessary fears.

We’re All in This Together

This pandemic is not just for adults. The whole family should be involved in practicing good hygiene, reminding each other about handwashing, social distancing, and the use of face masks. Another thing that the whole family should be doing together is learning to sift through fake news. Each should be reminded to trust the experts only and to go straight to the source. All information should be double-checked to ensure the integrity of the news received. After all, it’s nice to realize that we’re part of something bigger because we’re all in this together.

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