The Best Christmas Gift Ever

The Best Christmas Gift Ever



We, at SPECS Foundation, become pensive as we look back on the whole year. That’s the exact mood this December. Who would have thought that we’d be able to reach THAT MANY barangays, communities, and families this pandemic?

And Counting

With this global situation, it’s not just about doing what one is supposed to do. It’s the year of going beyond what’s happening and doing everything we can to help as many as we can. With this attitude in mind, we were able to reach many barangays in Metro Manila, Rizal Province, Cavite, and even the Benguet region.

Best Gift Ever

We cannot express our gratitude enough to all those who decided to help us help others. With our partners, funders, and friends’ concern and love, the Puso Initiative was born. Puso Market (community market) and Puso Vendor (for individual vendors) projects provided people from low-income communities access to healthy and affordable food. Another arm of the Initiative is Puso Kitchen. This project took care of delicious and healthy meals for kids, seniors, and the needy.

And this is all we need to complete our Christmas and the year 2020. No gift could ever equal the gift of love.

About Specs Foundation

Our team is composed of highly skilled Social Workers, Pastors, Care Workers and efficient Administrators. We all come together to ensure that the children, families and communities under our programs are given the best support and care possible.

SPECS was started in 1986 by a group of Christian workers who saw the hunger, and risks the children were exposed to. They undertook the management and delivery of the different services and care for the poor families in the various communities in Pasay City.​ In 1987, it was registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission as a non-profit, non-stock, non-government organization. In 2002, SPECS built a home for boys and girls in Pasay City.

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