What’s Your WOTY for 2020?

What’s Your WOTY for 2020?



What is WOTY? It’s the word of the year (for the uninitiated), sometimes capitalized as “Word of the Year” and, yes, abbreviated as WOTY. It points to various evaluations of the most important words or expressions in the public realm during that one whole year.

This Word of the Year thing happens at year-end and the authorities on word usage and definitions will release theirs. The dictionary publishers choose their WOTY and announce the word around early December. Two major dictionary publishers declared that they both chose the word pandemic as the 2020 Word of the Year.

What’s Your WOTY?

There is no doubt that the word pandemic logged extremely high numbers when it comes to Google lookups or by using online dictionaries. But that’s the rest of the world. What about the people who suffered from the effects of the pandemic? What’s their WOTY?

The Great Divide

Aside from the word pandemic, Netflix is probably a popular word during the lockdown. That is for people who can still afford it. With cabin fever setting in, Netflix maybe saved the mental health of a lot of people. But, for those who already sold their gadgets because they need money to buy food for the family — they probably will not bother with movie watching. What’s their WOTY? Ayuda or SAP? Or maybe we can brag a little, maybe Puso Initiative (that’s a phrase).

That’s where the great divide lies. One can see it based on the most important or the most used expression for a location.

WOTY 2021

For the coming year 2021, people hope to see words like vaccine and COVID19-free become in vogue. For SPECS Foundation, we pray for words like transformation, empowerment, continued support (a phrase again!), and gratitude. Help us prepare for WOTY 2021.

*Ayuda is a Spanish word, which means “assistance,” although generally, Filipinos are more likely to use tulong, which means “help.”

**SAP – Social Amelioration Program

– specifically aimed to sustain the basic needs of low-income families and additional income support (outcomes) thru the provision of social amelioration or ‘safety nets’ (output) so that low-income families can overcome the economic shocks brought by the COVID-19 lockdowns.


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