Beyond COVID-19

We want to go beyond the limit of a small and traditional Social Welfare and Development Agency (SWDA) by improving our programs and creating innovative ways to reach out to the children at risk, as well as their families and communities. #BeyondLimits #beyondCOVID19

Beyond COVID-19 Updates

What's on your dinner table?

What's on your dinner table? What's for lunch? Usual questions between neighbors, wives, and family members.

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Puso Kitchen

For the last four weeks, we have piloted community kitchens in 5-communities. We have served 10,359 healthy lunch meals through our partners for children, elderly, and community front liners. We have also distributed around 1,700 veggie packs to families with children. We are so thrilled that we have just approved another 4 more community partners this week.

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COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Covid-19 has brought about Enhance Community Quarantine (ECQ) in Manila. Although this is good in flattening the curve it has caused other problems such as hunger because people cannot go to work or have no money to buy food to feed their families. We are inviting you to help us give direct food access to the families with children and elders in the poorest communities in Manila. We have started giving food packs and hot meals through our community kitchen implemented by our community partners.

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