Beyond COVID-19

We want to go beyond the limit of a small and traditional Social Welfare and Development Agency (SWDA) by improving our programs and creating innovative ways to reach out to the children at risk, as well as their families and communities. #BeyondLimits #beyondCOVID19

Beyond COVID-19 Updates

Rising Up Against Hunger

How does one rise up against hunger? Many Filipino parents will give slightly differing answers, but will all point to one thing: finish education and get a nice job. But plans like these are not as straightforward as they sound. People’s relationship with hunger and poverty will always be messy at best. This truth is what gave birth to nutrition programs, like Puso Kitchen and other similar initiatives.

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Generation Lost to COVID-19?

Even with developments and progress, many Filipino children are deprived of their basic rights. They are still facing hardships and fragility, perhaps partly rooted in culture, that impede their survival, growth, preservation, and involvement.

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Cerebral Gym Exercises, Anyone?

Much like physical exercises and gym training, cerebral exercises train the brain muscles and strengthens them. Brain-training tasks stimulate brain activity and require basic tasks and actions to be performed. With constant training, one can notice improvements in memory, coordination, concentration, attitude, and overall relationships.

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Caring and Praying Go Hand in Hand

The Bible itself shows the direct relationship between praying and caring through the Word of God. And, there are practical reasons for letting people hear about His love.

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Pandemic Nutrition by SPECS Foundation

The whole world is applying tougher protocols to suppress the spread of COVID-19 as lockdowns and the temporary shutdown of businesses affect the usual food-related practices. Those who are healthy, as well as those with respiratory issues and symptoms, are being requested to stay at home. In other countries, restaurants and takeout offers are being limited and some fresh items are becoming less available. The same thing has been happening in the Philippines.

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The Proof is in The Pudding

The well-being of people, especially those who are working, has become a hot topic in recent years, but it seems that the buzz has yet to translate into meaningful actions in the workplace.

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The Best Christmas Gift Ever

We, at SPECS Foundation, become pensive as we look back on the whole year. That's the exact mood this December. Who would have thought that we'd be able to reach THAT MANY barangays, communities, and families this pandemic?

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You’re Invited!

2020's December is one for the books. It's the pandemic year where lots of Filipinos lost their jobs because businesses collapsed under the weight of COVID-19 effects on the economy. There's also the series of typhoons that entered the country, further humbling the nation because of lost homes, property damages, and mere hopelessness.

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2020: A Look-Back

Most people will probably look back at 2020 with disbelief, or maybe even horror. What with all that happened in the Philippines, no one expected the sudden turn of events.

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What's Your WOTY for 2020?

What is WOTY? It's the word of the year (for the uninitiated), sometimes capitalized as "Word of the Year" and, yes, abbreviated as WOTY. It points to various evaluations of the most important words or expressions in the public realm during that one whole year.

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About Specs Foundation

Our team is composed of highly skilled Social Workers, Pastors, Care Workers and efficient Administrators. We all come together to ensure that the children, families and communities under our programs are given the best support and care possible.

SPECS was started in 1986 by a group of Christian workers who saw the hunger, and risks the children were exposed to. They undertook the management and delivery of the different services and care for the poor families in the various communities in Pasay City.​ In 1987, it was registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission as a non-profit, non-stock, non-government organization. In 2002, SPECS built a home for boys and girls in Pasay City.

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