Chess: Is It Worth The Time?

Chess: Is It Worth The Time?



The majority of children (and adults) around the world have been spending most of their waking hours inside their homes to keep away from the possibilities of COVID-19 infection. One does not need to guess how they spend their time when not attending their online classes. Netflix, Switch, mobile & computer games, YouTube, SNS, Apple Music, or Spotify, maybe just being a couch potato or whatnot.

Chess by ResCare

In want of activities that will encourage the cognitive skills of the kids of ResCare, chess became the obvious answer. The Residential Care Program introduced chess to the kids by giving basic lessons first. They started slow, presenting the board then the chess pieces. It was only then that they learned about the full range of movement of each piece. As the chess tutorial progressed, they also learned to calculate their opponent’s moves, including their own.

Why Teach It?

At this point, it is a very brainy way to while away the pandemic while imparting new cerebral skills to the kids. Research shows that when kids are taught chess, there is a measurable improvement in their IQ level. They develop organized thinking skills, concentration, and better memory.

Life Skills

The cognitive takeaways are not just for improved intelligence or some complex method of problem-solving. There are life lessons to be had just from the game. And because chess is all about making a series of decisions, each move helps kids learn to plan ahead, evaluate possibilities, and use logic. That, my friend, is what we all need to survive in this game called life.

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